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About Us

Kenya Manpower builds on people’s power. Our strength is our candidate’s strength. We achieve our business goals by selecting the right candidate and molding them for the most appropriate job. We have been serving clients from different continents of the world successfully by offering skilled and unskilled workers for different industry verticals. Kenya Manpower provides best manpower solutions across the world.

Kenya Manpower Company has implemented a world-class candidate search strategy using the latest communications media such as the Internet and mobile phones. We also follow traditional advertisement method to reach out to the entire skilled and unskilled community located in urban, semi-urban and rural areas of the country. These tools, along with our network of partners located in different parts of the country, enable us to tap the immense human resource potential available in the country.

We have been successful throughout our journey as a provider of Kenyan workforce- thanks to the dedicated workforce in Kenya and their commitment to achieve the professional goals. Our clients have been largely supportive throughout our association with us, encouraging us to further serve them better. Kenya Manpower has partnered with several foreign recruitment agencies and employers interested in Kenyan talents. Without their support and motivation, we would not have attained the reputation that we enjoy today.

We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients by providing them with the most eligible candidates at the best rates in the industry. Our employees and partners, who are the backbone of our agency, have been offering relentless support in our mission to make Kenya as the hub of human resources.